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Connect with the best On Board entertainment system

The best collection of films, series, music, E-books, magazines and much more.

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Make your choice and enjoy your journey

Enjoy the best premium content, movies, series, music and more.


Fast & Furious 6, Exodus, Oblivion,
The Huntsman: Winter's War, The Martian,
Yogi Bear, Zootropolis, Jurassic World, etc.

TV-shows, series

The best series such as Futurama, Two and a Half Men, as well as the most recen music such as Enrique Iglesias, ​Chillout Classics, etc.

E-books, magazines

A variety of books
and a wide range of
different types of magazines.

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How to access?

3 steps = fun

Connect with the best entertainment in only 3 steps

Connect with IOS

1 Download

Download the app Azimut OD

2 Connect

Connect with Wifi Azimut

3 Enjoy

Enjoy the best entertainment system

Connect with Android

1 Connect

Connect with Wifi Azimut

2 Open Chrome



Enjoy the best entertainment system

Use your Headphones & Enjoy

The full content of Azimut E-motion in your hand

Other services

In addition to on board entertainment, you can enjoy other additional services such as: 

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Live TV

Watch TV channels live from your seat.

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Access to the Internet

Access the internet from your smartphone or tablet without using your own data.

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The battery is no problem! Charge the device from your seat.

FAQS Frequently asked questions.

I cannot connect my device. What should I do?

Make sure you open the Google Chrome browser and enter the URL

Are data stored on my device?

No, the content is reproduced by the cloud. No information is stored on your smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Does the platform use my own data?

No, when you connect to the vehicle's Wi-Fi network, the platform will not use your data.

With which systems is it compatible?

The platform is compatible with smartphone/tablet/laptop on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.

Any questions? Contact us!